Friday, 27 November 2015

The Art of Loving

She gagged her appetite
And taught herself to prioritize
But still touched
On the days her mind
Wandered to how beautiful 
The full moon 
Would look hiding 
Behind the dark sky's veil
And the snowy mountain peeks 
Would seek to show
Her glistening beauty off
To the handful 
Who'd rather not sleep.
She would then choose 
To pause
From her nightly chore
And take time out
To sail
To the other side
But she told him she wouldn't
And while she longed for him
To tell her otherwise,
He never did.
Though he said nothing,
His quiet gagged her appetite

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Apples to Oranges

I was en route a new
When I made a pit stop
At the house that once
Used to be
Where a German shepherd
Who leapt at my sight
And two humans
About seven decades old
Who's blood I have
Running in my system
With unconditional positive regard
The house that I used to call 
Now inhabits strangers
And the streets I could map, blindfolded
Are slowly fading from my memory.
I never had a place to call my own
I am from a nomadic breed,
Kin to the Olivegreeners.
MH 53
Was the only home 
I knew
And He deprived me 
Of that too,
And even though I used to despise
This small little town
With small minded people
And small conservative ideas
Where I couldn't go out all by myself
After dark,
I now wish I could go back
And experience it all
Over again,
One last time
Just to appreciate it
Like I never did

Saturday, 15 August 2015


My father met his mother in law
After a year today
And bought her a packet 
Of frozen corns
That she cherishes
Every kernel of.
It was just 
A packet of frozen corns
But the gleam
In her eyes, chin perked 
A little upward,
When she said,
"Your father 
Always remembers to get me these",
Was the reason why
He bought her just 
A packet of frozen corns

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Déjà vu

I was felt by an old man today
After returning home from a long walk
When my sharp turn caught the man behind me off guard
And I banged into him.
The first word that my lips uttered was an apology
But his firm grip around my arms
And his intent eyes at my chest
With a breath that smelled of tobacco
Made me numb and
And for a moment my body forgot 
That I was capable of using my human brain,
Of giving that sickly beast a piece of my mind
Or- as weak as it sounds- running away.
When he finally did let go of me, 
Contradictory to my typical behaviour,
I mustered up the courage to quickly leave
Instead of putting him in his place
Because at that moment all I could think of was first grade
When that man used to kiss me against my will,
Despite my futile protests.
I was felt by an old man today
And I have never felt more unclean.

Sunday, 12 July 2015


The empty space
That this empty space
Makes in my heart
Is unbearable
For the distant memory
Of sleeping with you 
In my arms
Is etched in my mind
Like it was yesterday-
Just that it wasn't

Friday, 8 May 2015


You aren't my father's favourite 
And that is given
Because I have heard 
They don't easily accept
The daughter's choice 
And question
The depth of our love
To which I had not known the answer
But today, after completing
A year in your company,
I can proudly claim that
I have come to know you 
But a fraction better
Than I did months back
And this is just the beginning
To the endless secrets I wish to
With the endless moments I wish to
With you, my love 
Your soul is an ocean of purity
Of which I wish to explore every abyss
And the deepest trench

Sunday, 3 May 2015


Please excuse the horrendous white background colour. I just cannot find a way to make it transparent again.

These eyes 
Were made only for looking
At your breathtaking smile
This nose
For the smell o
f your skin

When this face is buried into your neck
These ears
To hear 
The humdrum of your heart
When pressed to your chest
These lips
To lock with yours ever so passionately
As if it were our first time each time.
This neck 
Was made to feel 
The traces of your fingertips
And this chest
To long for 
Your sweet kisses, succulent
This torso
To feel the warmth 
Of your breath
These fingers
To play with your hair
At the small of your neck

And these arms 
To hold you 
For evermore.
Every bone
Residing in each inch of this body
Was joined for the purpose of
Loving you

Thank you Rajat Uncle for helping me title this.


I know hell exists
3 am and here without you
Enveloped by darkness
Surrounded by loneliness 
And afraid to fall asleep
Because the fiend that
Fosters in my soul
Won't set me free
Even in my dreams now
My mind is tired and afraid
Of seeing the things I now see
Behind these shut eyes
As they try to take me away
And I cannot gather the strength
To fight them off anymore
Because the longing
Of the comfort of your arms around me
As I slowly drown into the darkness
Of the most peaceful sleep
I had
Ever since I stopped clutching onto Teddy
Has robbed me of the ability
To fight myself all by myself
And I yearn for those nights
When you would not let go of me
All through the night 
Till we woke up.
I know what hell is
3 am and longing for 
Your smell, my lullaby

Thursday, 19 February 2015


Your voice still rings
In my ears as clear as day
"Dare not cry"
Cry? I am not
"While you're gone
Too many thousand miles far
For I am no sailor 
Who could cross the seven seas
And wipe those crystals 
Off your cheeks
And the knowledge of this
Is too insufferable
For me to survive."

Wednesday, 28 January 2015


Oh darling
I shall never forget that night 
When we stayed up late
Till the sun rose again
Showing each other our battle scars
That we valiantly lost
To win this one
And convincing each other of the beauty we saw
In our blemished bodies
Even as we stripped naked
And marvelled at our faultless flaws
That fit so well
With the stories we told
Of the life 
Now seemingly a distant past to us
As we vow to guard and to compliment each other
Till Death do us apart

Friday, 23 January 2015

To Blue Eyes and Toothless Smiles

I slip into slumber
Before I am awake
As my very existence
Is a constant reminder of you
And your aching absence
I want to rid you off my mind,
Let go of the things that are there no more
But I cannot
You seem to have become a part of it
And you will slowly devour it