Monday, 19 May 2014

One Year Anniversary

Does your past ever haunt you
Flashing back
Right in front of your eyes
With those horrid memories
That kept you in the dark
For days at a stretch
When you didn’t eat
Or sleep
Or breathe
And ceased to exist?

Do you ever feel fatigued
And so worn out
So drained
That your humanness
Dries up
And all that is left of you
Is a spiritless body
Forcing itself
To function
But cannot?

Do you ever feel
Your sunny day
Overcast by dark skies
Takes away the laughter
From your being
When you suddenly hark back
And that stabbing pain
In the torso
Returns with gloom
And sorrow

It’s been ages
Since it ever happened
Your past way behind you
But suddenly it comes back
And you remember how you felt
And you don’t want to feel that way anymore
But yet you do

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Of Broken Strings and Nostalgic Contemplations

I remember how we laughed
At the ‘best friends’ that broke apart
I remember how we laughed
When ‘true’ friendships that collapsed
But look at where we are
Yet another pair of ‘best friends’
That broke apart
And yet another ‘true’ friendship
That collapsed
I remember how we promised
To let nothing take us away
I remember how we promised
To stand beside each other
Till death did us apart
But now how it deteriorates
The relationship we once shared
All that is left of it now
Are the broken fragments
Of the strings that once held us together
The memories
Good and bad
Shall last for ever
But what lasts of us now
Are two people
Who acted like lovers
But do not look each other’s way anymore