Sunday, 3 May 2015


I know hell exists
3 am and here without you
Enveloped by darkness
Surrounded by loneliness 
And afraid to fall asleep
Because the fiend that
Fosters in my soul
Won't set me free
Even in my dreams now
My mind is tired and afraid
Of seeing the things I now see
Behind these shut eyes
As they try to take me away
And I cannot gather the strength
To fight them off anymore
Because the longing
Of the comfort of your arms around me
As I slowly drown into the darkness
Of the most peaceful sleep
I had
Ever since I stopped clutching onto Teddy
Has robbed me of the ability
To fight myself all by myself
And I yearn for those nights
When you would not let go of me
All through the night 
Till we woke up.
I know what hell is
3 am and longing for 
Your smell, my lullaby

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