Sunday, 23 August 2015

Apples to Oranges

I was en route a new
When I made a pit stop
At the house that once
Used to be
Where a German shepherd
Who leapt at my sight
And two humans
About seven decades old
Who's blood I have
Running in my system
With unconditional positive regard
The house that I used to call 
Now inhabits strangers
And the streets I could map, blindfolded
Are slowly fading from my memory.
I never had a place to call my own
I am from a nomadic breed,
Kin to the Olivegreeners.
MH 53
Was the only home 
I knew
And He deprived me 
Of that too,
And even though I used to despise
This small little town
With small minded people
And small conservative ideas
Where I couldn't go out all by myself
After dark,
I now wish I could go back
And experience it all
Over again,
One last time
Just to appreciate it
Like I never did


  1. Speechless!!! Difficult to concentrate any more in office now.

  2. Hey Avantika.Gosh. Now this is something.It is crystal clear that you are well endowed with penning your thoughts down so gracefully and with so much ease. This is amazing,I mean all your writings. So keep going, keep this wit of yours intact and keep writing.
    A creepy follower of your blog
    Handa girl. :)

    1. Riaaa!! I wish you could see the smile I have etched on my stupid face right now. You made me truly happy! Thank you so much. Hope you're doing well. Take care x