Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Out of Sight

The first time
Your hands found my waist
The grip of your fingers
On my skin
Made my heart tremble
And my knees wobble.
My mouth gave out a whimper,
My lips agape,
Found yours.
You felt and saw
My body boomerang,
But what you didn't was
That while you were lost
In ardour and adoration,
All I could see
With my closed eyes was
The clutch of his hands
Crumpling the thin fabric;
And his lips
Pressed against mine.
I felt his breath
On my chest
And his hair
Tickle my neck,
While you caressed
And craddled me
Like he never did.
I know I could've stopped,
And I should've stopped.
But had I stopped,
He would've stopped existing.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016


The warmth in me
Had wintered
Like the face of earth
During January-
Barren and lifeless
Because of the sunless sky
And the dry,
Callous gusty winds.
But you, my early March,
Have sunshine radiating
From every crevice of your body;
Your deep seated warm eyes
Ignite a spark inside of me
That had long been extinguished
By cold, loveless hands;
And every time your arms
Wrap around me securely
And your lips take mine,
A spring breaks within me
With colours
Learning to flutter again,
Bringing back to life
All that was
Once dead and gone