Saturday, 18 July 2015

Déjà vu

I was felt by an old man today
After returning home from a long walk
When my sharp turn caught the man behind me off guard
And I banged into him.
The first word that my lips uttered was an apology
But his firm grip around my arms
And his intent eyes at my chest
With a breath that smelled of tobacco
Made me numb and
And for a moment my body forgot 
That I was capable of using my human brain,
Of giving that sickly beast a piece of my mind
Or- as weak as it sounds- running away.
When he finally did let go of me, 
Contradictory to my typical behaviour,
I mustered up the courage to quickly leave
Instead of putting him in his place
Because at that moment all I could think of was first grade
When that man used to kiss me against my will,
Despite my futile protests.
I was felt by an old man today
And I have never felt more unclean.