Sunday, 3 May 2015


Please excuse the horrendous white background colour. I just cannot find a way to make it transparent again.

These eyes 
Were made only for looking
At your breathtaking smile
This nose
For the smell o
f your skin

When this face is buried into your neck
These ears
To hear 
The humdrum of your heart
When pressed to your chest
These lips
To lock with yours ever so passionately
As if it were our first time each time.
This neck 
Was made to feel 
The traces of your fingertips
And this chest
To long for 
Your sweet kisses, succulent
This torso
To feel the warmth 
Of your breath
These fingers
To play with your hair
At the small of your neck

And these arms 
To hold you 
For evermore.
Every bone
Residing in each inch of this body
Was joined for the purpose of
Loving you

Thank you Rajat Uncle for helping me title this.