Sunday, 31 July 2016


If buildings reside
strange silences
and rains echo
in flooded streets.
If the faces around
are no more familiar,
please remember
you will always have a home
to come back to.
I will pray, everyday
that every house you enter
gets tinted by the hues
of your love and warmth,
that every soul you find
gets brimmed with the charm
every crevice of your being
is well versed with.
I will pray, everyday
for your happiness,
and for others' around you,
just like I found mine.

Sunday, 24 July 2016

One Way

I love you
To the moon,
But never back
Because once I finally have
The two things
That engulf my soul,
Why would I want to detach myself
From the only world I have ever known?

Thursday, 14 July 2016


You're my midnight thought and my midnoon trance when I'm lost in that midnight thought.
You're all I think about when I don't have anything to think about and you're all I think about when there's other things I should be thinking about.
You mean the world to me and the world means nothing to me when I'm with you.
Your embrace smells of my favourite cologne and that faint smell of sweat and your embrace smells like the home that I always imagined to have, but never really had.
I've switched houses to houses but this is the first time I've finally stepped into home.
Your love overwhelms me so much that I often find myself crying at 3 am, wondering what great things I did to have deserved you, while at the same time wondering if I truly deserve you.
I don't know what this feeling inside my heart is. It's warm and it's heavy that leaves my lightheaded and fills me up and consumes me with something that I don't know.
What I know is that when I'm snuggled deep in your arms, getting high off the smell that I'm now way too familiar with, and look up to catch you looking at me with your deep set, warm and kind eyes, I see unconditional and irreplaceable, pure and absolute love.
You're mine and only mine and while I may be skeptical and cynical of the future, I still want to risk it all and confess that I sometimes dream about our forever.

Friday, 8 July 2016


I am on a mission tonight
To tell you how much I love you
Because it’s been far too long
Since I crudely drew that shy uncertain smile
That breaks like dawn
Upon this moonless dark night.

I am on a mission tonight
To speak to you in words I do not know how to utter.
I want to sit with you,
Hold your warm hands, like your heart,
To my heart,
Pour out to you
The things I could not have uttered.
I want to gaze into your deep kind eyes like, your soul
And watch them unravel my soul.

I am on a mission tonight
To brand your eyes as more than just deep,
Your soul as more than just kind.
I want to bury my head into a dictionary
And circle every word red
That reminds me of the magnificence that your magnificence is.
Red, because it is your favourite.

I am on a mission tonight
To talk to you
About that one movie you saw as a little kid
Which still echoes in every corner of your grown body.
I want to know you,
Know the dreams you had but gave up
Because ‘reality’ finally caught up to you
And know the dreams you had but never gave up
Even when reality managed to win the race.
I want to untangle you
Knot by knot, piece by piece
And see your bare soul,
And just. Keep. Looking.

I am on a mission tonight
To count the number of moles that encompass your beautiful body
Like stardust on a flawless canvas,
Like they are galaxies etched onto your perfect skin.
I want to memorize your stretch marks, your scars and their stories.
I want to learn
All that has made your body

I am on a mission tonight
To lay with you
Under the stars, on wet grass
And find every nook and corner
Every untouched contour
And envelope it into mine.
I want to hold you,
To comfort you,
To caress you,
To ease your mind.

I am on a mission tonight
To do all the things I cannot
On this dim 3 am night.
I want to immortalize you
So that men for decades to come
Will whisper this sweet serenade
Like nothings into the ears of their lovers.
I want to make you
The epitome of the power of ink.

I am on a mission tonight
To make you my mission
For the rest of our lives.

Thank you Kyle Louw for helping me polish this.