Sunday, 12 October 2014


This dark corner
Of my large house
Lit only by a faint bulb
With moths fluttering around it
Is home to my heart
Heavy with emotions
My eyes
Brimming with tears
And my mind
Burning with the need to express
But I cannot comprehend 
What this heaviness is
And I cannot fathom
What these emotions are 
I cannot unravel
This need to express
And as I lay wide awake,
Deprived of the ability to sleep,
My mind races back 
To the last time you lay here beside me 
But I know for sure
That you are not
What this aching soul needs to express
And I won't let you be
The reason for this aching soul
Because you are neither my life
Nor the centre of my universe 
You are not what
Other poets claim their lovers to be
I am a free soul
I won't let you be 
Everything I need
I won't let you be
Anything more than
Just a fragment of my life
I shall not float so shallow
I shall dive deep
And find more to my life
Than just you.

And somewhere unknowingly, I created another piece about you. I am dreading that you might as well be the reason for my salvation.