Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Bad Girl Going Good

You've been a bad kid. You've made your parents unhappy. You can see that, and yet you repeat yourself. What high you get out of it, you don't know. You have done things that are undo-able, unforgivable, and yet they forgive you, you don't know why. You used to be a good kid. Other Moms used to tell their kids to be like you.  Your friends used to look up to you. Where you wavered, you don't know. Your grades fell, and they still forgive you. Everything you did, every secret you kept, they forgave you for all of it. You never told your mom about your misdeeds. She came to know about them from other sources. She was shattered. She confronted you. You lied even further. When you ran out of lies, you just kept mum till she knew that you had confessed. She scolded you, she tried to help you out. You cried, and again you repeated yourself. What high you got, you don't know.

Now she tells you to be like that friend of yours. You realize that stones have turned, it's not how it used to be. It's the complete opposite now. You took everything they gave you for granted, and now karma is getting back at you. But still you barely listen to them and do things that hurt them. Hurt them to such an extent that your mom breaks down and your dad feels helpless. But you remain adamant, and yet they loved you, you don't know why. You never understood why they felt what they felt, why you never listened to them, why you got detached, why you became the good girl gone bad, why you staggered in front of your own parents, why you broke their trust, why you took their irrevocable and unconditional love for granted, why you did what you knew was incorrect, why you troubled them to such an extent that their trust in you dwindled. 

But today, that's all going to change. You're going to regain that trust of theirs before it diminishes completely. You're going to listen to her. You're going to watch yourself and try not to hurt them because they're the only people who're going to love you till their last breath, and you need to understand that, respect that.

Mental note to self: Remember that you need to regain their trust. Stop taking them for granted. Try to be at your best always. Talk to them, interact with them. Listen to them. Don't turn a deaf ear.