Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Judas Kiss

They seduced her weaknesses,
Plunged into them
Incited her to the limit
Where she would cannonade with
The tremors she kept inside
But she stood there all by herself,
Eclipsed by their stalwartness
Drowning in their insolence
And she stood there all by herself
Trying to maintain her dignity
Her humility
Her heart burning for
A bastion
But they stopped and stared,
Crowed and continued
And all the covenants of aegis till ‘eternity’
By her ‘allies’
Seemed all like a delusion to her now
But they just stopped and stared,
Crowed and continued.


  1. This is so fantastic! Seriously, I had to look up the dictionary to find out what some of the words meant :) Do check out my poems on my blog -
    Hope you'll like them :)

    1. Thank you so much Rimjhim! xx
      I'll make sure to check your poems out too :)

  2. The narration of the story was perfect. . . I could picturise everything.