Friday, 25 November 2016


I woke up half an hour late today
Hit the snooze button
And went back to bed
I don't remember what my alarm clock sounds like anymore
Your patient voice no more echoed in my ears
I was never a morning person, you see
How could I ever be
The crescent moon lay inside you 
And you lay right beside me
Your mornings started way too early for me
Your angelic voice would hit me like a serenade, too sweet
But instead I'd pull you in
Wrap myself around your brilliant light
In my dark bubble as you tried to break free, giggling

I woke up half an hour late today
Dismissing my alarm clock into background noise
Waiting for my serenade
Until I was jolted up by reality
Your mornings now will still be too early for me,
Just your mornings now will never be for me
I will still never be a morning person, you see
But wake up just the same
A little too late
The remnants of that moonless darkness
Shaped like you, stretched across my face
I will lay in bed all by myself
For a little too long
As your voice slowly becomes a distant memory

I woke up half an hour late today
And stayed in bed
Until my memory brought
That sweet serenade back into my ears
And pushed me off the bed
But one day I will learn
To wake up to myself again.

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