Thursday, 24 November 2016

Beautiful Lies

When your thin lips
Break into a goofy smile
Touching those warm deep eyes,
Like the ocean on a June afternoon
Just right enough to dive in,
It feels like the sun breaking from the clouds,
Shooting rays of silver light
Upon a once grey sky.
When your broad chest,
Like the cliff the waves of my ocean come crashing back to,
Engulfs my smallness,
Like a warm blanket
On a January night,
It feels like cold water
Being pumped out of my lifeless lungs,
Turning my lips pink again.
When you rest your plump nose,
Like the plush pillow my forehead loves,
Against mine, looking down
Into my hyperventilating eyes,
Like the break of dawn
Upon an enraged stormy night,
It feels like every atom in my body
Is pausing and meditating,
Finally resting.
When I put my hand against your heart,
Like the universe containing galaxies after galaxies,
Your hard chest with mush inside
Becomes my home,
One I cannot let go of.
I will soon run out of similes and metaphors
Just like I will soon run out of longing and sighs
Because time, my friend, heals
Wounds that eyes miss,
That science cannot reach
And time, my friend, etches each memory onto the brain
Like scars on skin.
But as long as I haven't run out of time,
I shall not stop
Painting your picture beautiful in twisted words,
A little different each time
Like pink clouds on lilac sky.

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