Monday, 14 March 2016

Views From My Balcony

I wake up every morning
To the Sun
Cloaking away the dark
And it lights up my day
His sundry colours
Spread across the sky
Like a rainbow that wasn't,
Completely oblivious
To those besotted by his enigma.
Every time he sets
He would leave me transfixed 
On his blush and blond,
On his bittersweet glow,
Like water colours
Splattered on a cloudy canvas.
I would stand back
In awe of his beauty
Craving to be near,
To steal a touch
Or a quick glance,
Waiting for him to turn
And envelope me in his light
Surround me in his grandeur.
But then every night
He would kiss the Moon goodbye
Before leaving
And darken my world