Monday, 14 March 2016

A Stellar Phenomenon

I would like to thank the Universe
For choosing to unite us 
And give me this
One beautiful year
Of the beautiful
Eighteen years of your life
That you have yet lived.
The years I missed,
I spent in search of you.
I am sure of this
For when I look at you
I can feel, remember
Stars colliding-
A sense of deja vu,
A distant memory I cannot quite recall.
I feel complete,
Like this entire life 
My soul has conspired with fate
To make mistakes
And take bad decisions
Which would only
Inch me closer,
Lead me,
To get to you
And now that I have, I can only hope
That we become unitary,
Separate to the unaided ignorant eye
But burning brighter, together, as one.
For it is vain
And it is futile
To let go of something
As beautiful as this, us 
When we have collided against each other
To emit the energy
As great as that of all others combined.
And this exotic anomaly
Is so rare, so pure
That they find it difficult
To comprehend 
This cosmic shock.
Through the force of gravity, my love,
We merge into a larger unit
But quietly so
And while they chase after us,
We will be enveloped
In our own blanket
Of space.

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