Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Intergalactic Synchronised Swimming

Lay me down tonight
Peep into my eyes
Claw open my mouth,
The stairway to my insides
Look at the universe I contain inside.
Marvel at the darkness
Spilling over with diamonds shimmering,
Burning with stories, age old
Growing only beautiful
Each passing moment.
Look deeper and stare 
Stare at the bursting colours
Growing brighter with fading memories
Leaving behind hues
Of long lost reminiscent touches.
Dive, drown in my universe
Find the moon resting in a left corner
Always burning, a little scarred,
What even the grayest clouds could never mar.
Gape at it sustaining a whole universe
A universe with its little streams of water.
Trace with your fingers the tangible
Trace rocky soils, sprouting weeds
Pluck colours and fragrances off me,
Decorate yourself,
Breathe in the clear sky and the dewy grass
Immerse yourself completely, surrender wholly.
Clench close fistful of diamonds
Enter me a moment, close your eyes
Let yourself be the universe I contain inside
Surrounded by the universe I carry outside.

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